Orange County Real Estate Doing Better than You Think!

If you live in Orange County, CA, you may have heard news concerning the local commercial real estate market. Some of that news would have been slanted toward the dismal side, but is that assessment correct? Not everyone things that OC is going downhill, and they are producing some solid evidence to back up their theories. Here is the beginning of very interesting story that we think you will find helpful if you want a deeper understanding of the local real estate market:

“If Orange County is purportedly such a poor place to do business, how did four local master-planned communities end up on a list of the 20 fastest-selling projects in the nation? Yes, RCLCO consultancy’s annual Top 20 list for 2016 had four developments from Orange County. The entire states of Texas and Florida, both often cited as pro-business locales, had four each on the list.”


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