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Professional Carpet Cleaning, Orange County, is Just One Way to Keep Your Carpet Looking Great

Seriously, though, vacuuming alone just doesn’t do the trick. Neither do those do-it-yourself rental steam machines that you’ll often see in supermarkets or hardware stores.

It’s a well-known fact that the better you take care of something, the longer it will last, so Orange County, professional carpet cleaning is a must. In fact, a lot of manufacturers won’t even recognize their warranty, if you don’t do it every 12 or 18 months. Look on yours to see the requirements.
There are also some ways you can keep your Orange County carpets looking good in between professional cleanings. Pros have high powered cleaning and drying machines that those DIY rental machines can’t begin to match. Even more important, the pros know exactly how to treat different stains and different fibers.

For the best carpet cleaning in Orange County, go to Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring:
1. Don’t just go by the warranty to tell you when to clean your carpet.

If, say, you bought a blouse and the instructions said to dry clean every month, but you got a stain before that time, would you wait? Of course not! The stain will only set and be more difficult, if not impossible, to remove.
That goes for carpet cleaning, Huntington Beach. If you spill, don’t wait.
And think about this: You may have pets, a lot of kids, guests, dinner parties, or just an outdoors lifestyle where you’re constantly dragging dirt in on your shoes. That means more frequent cleaning is necessary.
If someone in your family has allergies or asthma, or loves to lie on the floor to watch television or play games, you should also consider more frequent cleaning. The great thing about carpet is that it traps dirt and pollutants in the fiber, but they don’t get eliminated until the carpet is cleaned.
2. You want to vacuum at least weekly
Actually, if you have pets, or any heavy foot traffic, you’ll need to vacuum more often.
3. Blot Spills Immediately
The longer you leave it, the more the stain will set. It can also be sticky and the fibers may possibly tangle or flatten which will distort your carpet pattern.

Come into Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring to let us show you how to keep your carpet looking great. We have showrooms in Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos, CA.