Area Rugs - Forever flavoring our Homes

Why is it that different cooks using the same ingredients can come up with so many different, yet wonderful results? It’s how they USE those ingredients! If we think about it, area rugs are like our favorite spices. We can use them for varying results.

Like spices, area rugs come from so many parts of the world and feature so many different essences, some of them quite exotic! That allows us to create a wonderful menu of decor options at a moment‘s notice. We can move them easily throughout the house to renew our environment. Or, let’s bring out our favorites for special occasions, or welcome the change of seasons. Let’s dish up a fresh new look with an area rug.

Area rugs are the oldest known floor covering with examples thousands of years old still being discovered. They’re loved by designers and collectors because they are both functional and artistic. They can be art for the floor (or the wall!), and they can be used immediately to create a new look at a moment’s notice with do-it-yourself installation.

Area rugs are most personal, like a secret family recipe. In terms of flooring, Fall, probably more than any other season, is when we think most of rugs. Perhaps it’s the return to home and hearth (and the hearth rug). Perhaps it’s renewed interest in crafting and what one can do with the variety of colors and materials which lend themselves to rugs. Perhaps it’s the feeling of Fall’s connectedness to past generations. (Most likely you have a keepsake rug that’s been handed down, or one you want to pass along. Rugs can be very special.)

Because area rugs come in so styles, shapes and sizes as well as colors, and because they can be made from so many interesting and varied materials, it’s no wonder they’re always among the tastiest of decor items in a designer’s “recipe” file.