carpet cleaning orange county

Carpet and its starring role in your home

You just got the installation of your dreams, Orange County. We’re talking about carpets, and there’s a good reason why they’re the most popular choice of flooring. They’re stylish, adding a warmth and elegance to your home, but they’re also great noise insulators.

Now that’s a twofer!

You want professional carpet cleaning, whether you live in Huntington Beach or elsewhere because:

●It cleans deep into the fiber. Sorry, Orange County homeowners, but even if you vacuum every day and walk around with a cloth to blot up spills, it still isn’t the same. When a carpet gets a thorough steam cleaning, it destroys all of the things you can’t see, like insect fragments, food particles or other disgusting things that get trapped into the strands.

Do you really want to sit, or walk barefoot, on that?

●It keeps it looking fluffy and plush. In time, soil and dirt will get embedded and mat the threads. Soil can also act like little razor blades, which can cut and shred them up. A carpet needs regular cleaning, especially in SOCAL, which has an ultra-outdoorsy and athletic lifestyle.
●It keeps it shiny. Dirt dulls. Eventually, if you don’t have your rugs cleaned, stains will set, and they just won’t look clean, no matter what you do. By the way, carpet manufacturers (and many put this in their warranties) suggest cleaning every 12 to 18 months.
●It keeps the house smelling fresh. A dirty rug stinks the place up, not to mention that if you try to DIY from one of the rental steaming machines, you can actually create smelly mold. The rug gets wet all the way through to the padding, and air drying can take a few days, while professionals have high powered fans that can do the job very quickly.

It only takes mold 12 hours to start growing and, if that happens, your home will have a horrible odor you’ll never get rid of.

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