Soft clean carpets in a Newport Beach California master bedroom

Carpet cleaning = improved health

A lot of people don’t automatically associate flooring with indoor air quality, but they should.

Vacuuming removes surface dirt and professional carpet cleaning eliminates dust mites, bacteria, and pollutants that are trapped in the fibers, as opposed to flying around in the air.

What’s more, a dirty rug will obstruct air flow.

Why professional service and not DIY?

There are many reasons, and they all have to do with respiratory issues.

Experienced cleaners know exactly how much soap to use and how it is rinsed properly.

Have you ever tried to clean the rug yourself, only to cough and choke for days???

While it might sound a little basic to you, using too much soap and not rinsing well are two of the biggest mistakes of the do-it-yourselfer.

When you deep clean, the steam goes all the way to the padding. It only takes 12 hours for mold to start growing, and it creates havoc with health; you’ll cough, have itchy eyes, runny noses, headache, and a smell you won’t be able to get rid of.

Air drying takes a couple of days for all the moisture to be eliminated; professionals have high-powered fans that will dry the rug fast.

Those rental machines that you see in hardware stores and supermarkets don’t have enough power to do the cleaning properly; you also don’t know how well they are maintained.

Keeping it beautiful in your California home

Cleaning your carpet also improves the appearance and performance of the soft surface. Every stain is different, and every fiber is distinct. While you may walk down a store aisle and see labels that read “good for every carpet type,” using the wrong cleaner on the wrong stain and fiber will not only be ineffective but will also damage the rug.

Soil and dirt can tear the fibers, causing carpet fibers to unravel. If dirt isn’t removed, the fibers become matted and the rug will look dull.

Stains will set and, after a while, it will always look dirty, no matter how much it’s cleaned.

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