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Four Ways to Keep Your Carpets Looking Great

Let's have a little chat about carpet cleaning, Orange County. More to the point, let's talk about how to keep your annual cleaning from becoming a biannual cleaning. Orange County carpets can take a real beating over the course of a year, and an annual cleaning is the best way to maintain good air quality in your home and extend the service life of your carpets. However, if your carpets aren't properly maintained, once a year might not be enough to do the trick.

In an effort to help you save money on wear and tear on your carpets and dodge extra cleaning costs, Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring had our in-house carpet experts put together this quick list of easy steps you can take to help you keep your carpets in the best shape they can be.

Keep the Shoes By the Door

if you ask any Orange County carpet cleaning company what the biggest contributor to damaged and dirty carpets is, they'll probably say that it's shoes being worn in the house. Throughout the course of the day, your shoes pick up all sorts of soiling agents that collect in the tread of your kicks. Then, when you come home, you track all that dirt, grime, and even grease onto your carpets where it gets ground into the pile.

Not only does this cause soiling of your carpet, it also causes actual physical damage to the fibers and, in the long run, will lead to more frequent cleanings and a shortened service life for your carpet.

Keep Food and Drink Away From Your Carpets

Whereas wearing your shoes indoors has a cumulatively detrimental effect on your carpets, food is like a meteor strike of greasy, sticky trouble. Some of the hardest and sometimes nearly impossible stains that can happen to a carpet come from food and drink. The reason for this is that most food has an oily or greasy component. The oils cling to the fiber of your carpet, attract and hold dirt, and require serious professional cleaning to dispatch.

Beverages, such as wine and fruit juice are no picnic for your carpets either. They quickly seep into the carpeting and even into the padding. This leads not only to stubborn stains, but also opens your floor up to the possibility of mold and mildew growth. It's best to keep your food and drink away.

Keep it Fresh

It's a good idea to move your furniture from time to time, as well. This is a great way to keep your room from becoming boring in an aesthetic sense, as well as a way to protect and preserve your carpets. By moving your furniture from time to time, you change the flow of foot traffic through the room, which means different parts of the carpet can get a break from the heavy lifting. It also allows for more even exposure to light which can, over time, cause your carpets to fade.

Keep That Vacuum at the Ready

It's a good idea to vacuum frequently, once or twice a week, to keep your carpet free of built up dirt and allergens. This not only keeps your air quality up to snuff, but also removes dirt and grime that can get ground into the carpet and cause damage to the fibers when built-up. This is easily the simplest way to keep your carpets fresh and looking great.

Looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning, Orange County?

No matter how well you maintain your carpets, it's still a good idea to get a yearly cleaning from the pros to keep them at their best. If you're looking for professional carpet cleaning in Huntington Beach or the surrounding areas, Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring hopes you'll consider us for the job.

Simply call, e-mail, or stop in at one of our showroom locations in Huntington Beach or Los Alamitos to arrange for a consultation and estimate. We've been in the business for over 47 years, and our team of flooring experts has all the know-how needed to do the job right for a price that won't break the bank.