carpet cleaning

Keep Those Carpets Nice and Clean

Brand new carpet is an absolute luxury. The feel of those plush fibers beneath your feet, and the look of a timeless classic, simply can’t be beat. That’s why it’s so important to have your Orange County carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Of course, you want to vacuum and spot clean whenever necessary, but a professional cleaning keeps those carpets looking their best, smelling their best and it even extends the life span too.

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Orange County, no one knows the business better than Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring. As flooring professionals, we have just the vendors who can take care of all your carpet cleaning needs, to keep your floors looking great and lasting as long as or longer than they should. If you have any questions about your Orange County carpet cleaning needs, feel free to visit us at either of our showroom locations in Huntington Beach & Los Alamitos, CA.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Important

Everyone knows a dirty carpet can be an absolute eyesore in your home. After several months, they can become dull and dingy, and high traffic areas take the brunt of the wear and tear. Stains can really begin to show as well, even those you thought you had already spot cleaned and taken care of.

The fact is, stains can get ground in to your carpet, only to reappear later as the dirt and debris starts to soak into your carpet fibers. Those stains then tend to make their way right back to the surface. But with a simple professional carpet cleaning in your Orange County residence, can take care of all of that quickly and easily.

Carpet cleaning in Huntington Beach is also important to us, and if you happen to be in that area, we’d love to help you find a vendor who meets your exact needs.

What About Renting a Cleaning Machine?

Some homeowners try to save a little money by renting a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner from a local business. While these machines do a better job of pulling the dirt out of your carpets than a simple vacuum does, it’s still no match for professional cleaners who have the experience and expertise to go along with it.

Don’t risk the many pitfalls that await you in DIY carpet cleaning. Call us today, so we can match you with a vendor who will be more than happy to bring your carpets back to a like-new look all over again.