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Should my carpets just wait for annual cleaning?

Regular, professional carpet cleaning should be done any time throughout the year as needed, whether you live in Orange County or elsewhere.
Let’s say you get a stain in November or June. Or maybe you have kids who spill a lot, or a pet who has frequent accidents. Would you just let it stay there to set until your spring or fall house grooming?
Here are four reasons Bixby Plaza Carpets & Flooring says regular, professional cleaning is necessary:
1.Your carpet will last longer: If dirt and soil get embedded into the fibers they’ll break them down and the rug will look dull, matted and frayed.
The longer the dirt stays there, the greater the possibility of that happening.
While regular vacuuming is a necessary part of the carpet cleaning process remember that, especially in Orange County where there are so many outdoor activities, it’s easy to track soil in on your shoes.
2.Health: Consider indoor air quality. That’s because the fibers trap pollutants and other undesirable particles, such as dust mites and insect fragments, where they’ll stay until steam cleaned, and that’s especially good for allergy and asthma sufferers.
In Orange County, you can get a lot of wildfire smoke and smog, so keep up the carpet cleaning, to keep up your healthy environment.
3.Your rug won’t be such a “soil magnet.” Not only are stains and spots unappealing, but they also attract even more soil.
4.Your house will smell a lot better. Many think they can remove stains and pet “accidents” from carpet with baking soda or white wine vinegar, but those things won’t be entirely removed until it is deep cleaned. They may not be visible to the eye, they certainly will to the nose.
The professionals have high-powered machines that can really clean much more effectively than the light steam-clean rental machines, that you pick up in supermarkets or hardware stores. They also have powerful fans that dry all the way down to the padding in a very short time, so mold and mildew will never get a chance to grow, because when it does, you’ll have an odor that will never go away.
Remember, moisture can also be tracked in with soil on your shoes, so really think about carpet cleaning, especially when the city is full of surf beaches, such as Huntington Beach.
Feel free to come into the Bixby Plaza Carpets & Flooring showroom in Los Alamitos or Huntington Beach, CA. We’ll answer all your questions.