Bixby Plaza Carpets is the leader in carpet installation in Orange County

When you kick off your shoes off after a long day, nothing feels more satisfying underneath your bare feet than soft plush carpet. The folks at Bixby Plaza Carpets are experts at installing carpet that will last you for the long run. Come visit our store in Huntington Beach, Orange County and you will pick out a carpet from us to install before you know it.

Carpet is making a comeback in Orange County. Carpet has a retro indie look coupled with being a technologically cutting edge flooring option. Making your house green is a very popular concept these days and nowhere more so than in Huntington Beach. More and more people are getting a carpet installed in Orange County. Carpet is great for modulating temperature, particularly when going from hot to cold. Carpet is also much softer than other flooring options. This is of course great for comfort, and also great for safety. Families who have small children like to have carpet in order to provide a little cushion for the inevitable falls young children take. This is why we install carpet in Orange County for so many family and living rooms.

Huntington Beach is a great community. It is a community where family is important. It is not uncommon to see many generations living under the same roof. For people who are taking in older parents or in-laws, carpet is great for safety. An elderly trip or fall tends to be less serious on carpet than if the fall happened on hardwood or tile. Huntington Beach is a community that is very conscious of health and fostering a healthy home is extremely important to the local population. Fortunately, carpet is also the best flooring for keeping a healthy home. Carpet is extremely good at capturing dust particles. Dust tends to settle quickly and then is held in place by the carpet fibers until it is time to vacuum again. So for all these reasons and more, it is time to get some new cozy carpet to make any room perfect for the whole family.

If you are in need of a carpet install in Orange County, than Bixby Plaza Carpets is the number one choice. Our employees are experts at every nuance in carpet installation, and you will love the way your new carpet looks and feels in your home.