Carpet cleaning services from Bixby Plaza Carpets in Huntington Beach, CA

Carpet cleaning and the healthy Orange County lifestyle

We know California residents embrace wellness, especially when it comes to the outdoors, what with all the hiking, biking, swimming, surfing and more.

What you may not realize is just how much carpet cleaning is aligned with that healthy mentality.

It’s also good for emotional health because it improves the appearance of the room.  The rug is most likely your biggest furnishing, the very thing that takes up most of the square footage in that area.

 It only stands to reason that when IT looks worn and dingy, the whole room will look that way. That’s a pretty depressing way to live.  Cleaning the rug gives you a sense of “feathering your nest” and accomplishment.

Why is professional cleaning so important to health?

While vacuuming the carpet is great, and we do recommend it several times a week, it can only get the surface dirt.  Everything else remains trapped in the fibers until they are scrubbed out.

A professional cleaning service, such as ours, completely removes dirt and bacteria.

We also avoid those common, rookie mistakes such as using too much soap or the wrong kind, keeping in mind that not all stains and fibers are alike.  The wrong soap can harm the fibers.

Then, we make sure both the rug AND the padding are completely dry before we leave.  High-powered fans do this job quickly so mold doesn’t start growing--and that can happen fast.

A well-maintained carpet acts like an air filter, improving indoor air quality

Our homes are exposed to dust, pollen, food particles, insect fragments, dead skin cells, and bacteria. This can be especially dangerous to children, the elderly and those with asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. The particles float around exacerbate allergies, irritate, and weaken the immune system.

Mold can also start growing in carpets; all it needs is soil and moisture and that can easily be tracked in on shoes. If you have a pet, it will most likely shed, release dander and possibly even drop a few fleas into the rug.

Without proper professional cleaning, they’ll just keep accumulating, eventually obstructing airflow.  Your home will be stuffy and will most likely have an unpleasant odor.

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