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Carpet cleaning service: Top 3 myths about maintaining soft surfacing

When it comes to carpet cleaning in California, our Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring professionals have heard many misconceptions and much misinformation surrounding proper care. As such, our Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos, CA showroom experts would like to clarify the truth about the top 3 myths we regularly hear about soft surfacing.

The truth about carpet cleaning in Orange County

Myth #1 –

The only reason you should call a carpet cleaning service is to have them remove dirt from fibers so your wall-to-wall can look better.

The actual truth –

Outside your home, the air in the environment contains high amounts of harmful chemicals, carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, bacteria, fungus, and pollen, to name but a few things. These pollutants come into your home on your shoes, clothes, skin, and hair. The same happens when you open your windows to let fresh air in. These pollutants eventually descend to end up on your floors. As such, professional carpet cleaning does a lot more than remove the obvious. It deep cleans fibers and safeguards your health as well by removing contaminants.

Myth #2 –

Everyone with carpeting has to get very frequent steam cleaning sessions.

The actual truth –

While soft surfacing manufacturers do recommend professional cleaning that is done by qualified, trained specialists, you’ll normally only need it every 12-18 months – that’s it!

Myth #3 –

Carpets only need a carpet cleaning service when they look dirty.

The actual truth –

Depending on the design, color, and pile type, some fibers can hide dirt more than others. Now, that’s doesn’t mean they don’t require cleaning. The issue here is to keep in mind that soil, whether you see it or not, is abrasive. Not taking the proper measures to eliminate the soil regularly can result in premature wear-and-tear of the fibers. Even if you have extra protection on your surfacing, the fibers can be worn down, resulting in a shortened installation lifespan and loss of fiber color. Avoid these pitfalls by cleaning wall-to-wall regularly.

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