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DIY Or Pro? A Comparison of Steam Carpet Cleaning in Orange County

The truth is, carpet cleaning in Orange Country is a tedious chore. Alas, it's an essential task, especially if you want to prolong the life of your fiber surfacing. To save extra money, you may be tempted to pull a DIY. Besides, you can rent the machine at any grocery store, so what could possibly go wrong, right? Unfortunately, many things can go awry. To clarify the potential risks, our Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring Huntington Beach & Los Alamitos showroom pros would like to present you with the pros and cons of this DIY project. 

What Happens When You Hire the Pros? 

When arriving on-site for Orange County carpet cleaning, you'll notice the professionals use either a heavy-duty portable machine, or a truck-mounted unit. While their portable unit may look just like the ones they rent in grocery stores, they're certainly far from it. These professional grade machines are not only more durable, but they're also incredibly powerful apparatuses. With their suctioning capabilities, they're able to deep clean in ways store-rented machines can't. Also, pro units have strong heating elements, and they're able to expel more steam than the average model. 

What Happens When You DIY?

Meanwhile, you're attempting a carpet cleaning in Huntington Beach that may leave you more than just a little disappointed. After renting a take-home model, you seem to be doing a perfectly fine job, at least it seems so, until you look back at your surfacing. The fibers are drenched, the room smells musty and in the end, it doesn't look any cleaner. Did you ruin your Orange County carpets? Chances are, you didn't. However, that rental just doesn't work the same as professional grade machines, unfortunately. 

Saving Money to Spend Money

Really, it doesn't make sense to rent a do-it-yourself portable machine in the hopes of saving some money, when more often than not, you're stuck calling in the pros anyway. The main difference between the DIY and pro options boils down to two main factors: Experience and guarantee. While you may be a great DIYer, if you end up with a low-end model, you're doomed to failure from the start. As for guarantees, you'll never get one from the guy who rents out machines at the grocery store counter. However, you will get one from the professional team you should have hired in the first place.