Do carpet protectors work?

Many homeowners choose to get additional protective coating when installing soft surfacing. On older installations, carpet cleaning in California teams can spray on extra products for the same effect. Do these types of protectors really work, you may be wondering? Will they help reduce the need to call professional carpet cleaning? Let’s take the time to explore this question and answer it right now!

Add fiber protection now to save your flooring later

Protective carpet products can indeed solve a lot of problems with stains and discolorations and can, in turn, save you from redoing your installation. Additionally, these products can also limit the need for a carpet cleaning service. While it does not act as a miraculous solution to liquid and food messes, it can provide you with extra time to clean up after a mishap, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of stains setting in. Simply put, fiber protection makes it easier to clean dust, soil, spills, and food, guarding your soft surfacing against staining and soiling.

Can these products protect my floors?

Yes, they can – but within limits. For instance, if you were to spill juice on your protected fibers repeatedly, the acids from the juice would eventually wear away the product’s coating. In turn, carpeting would eventually weaken and stain. However, if you were to clean up the spill quickly, not only would it come out easily, but it also would not affect the protective coating – leaving it to keep protecting your fibers. In essence, the coating adds an invisible layer, allowing you the extra time to clean messes without the worry of stains setting in.  

The bottom line about these protective products

The result is that these products are a great addition to any installation to further protect it from discoloration and odors. Otherwise, without the protector in place, your soft surfacing would be more prone to wear and tear. While no product is truly miraculous, it does work wonders in terms of giving you that extra time to clean up and protective capabilities. And, as such, your carpet life would be extended. That also means you won’t need a carpet cleaning service to come over every time your children spill juice on the floor!

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