carpet installation

The many pros of hiring expert carpet installers

While you may be handy with a hammer and screwdriver, chances are you might want to skip on doing your own carpet installation in Orange County. When it comes to DIY projects, you truly need to know exactly what you’re doing – at least, if you want to avoid a major disaster. A carpet installation in Orange County is by no means a small task. On the contrary, it's a significant undertaking. And, since you’ll be spending a fair amount of money on quality carpet – and it will be seen and used by everyone in your household on a daily basis – you may just want to hire professionals from the get-go. 

Skip the drama with a professional carpet installation in Orange County

The truth is, a carpet installation in Orange County takes a great deal of experience, not to mention the need for specialized equipment. Unfortunately, a great many homeowners are convinced the process is as simple as unrolling a carpet and stapling it down. In fact, the process is quite complex, requiring the sizing of the room for a proper surfacing fit for both carpeting and underpadding. Also, as mentioned, the project requires specialized tools. If the surfacing is cut without the proper equipment, you’ll end up with uneven, stringy or ratted edges. Lifting or shifting can occur as well if sections aren’t properly connected and attached. 

No professionals mean no guarantee

Another issue with DIY jobs is the lack of a work guarantee and a voided warranty. Industry experts guarantee their work will be free from imperfections, bubbles or tears. And, since they’re trained pros, the warranty on your surfacing won’t be void because an amateur did the job. What would happen if damage occurred during the installation process if you tried to do the job by yourself? Well, you’d be forced to absorb the cost of replacing the ruined material – or live with the imperfections. When the pros do the installation and a mistake is made, they’ll typically have it repaired or replaced, at no extra charge to you. 

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