Three tips for cleaning luxury vinyl flooring

Three tips for cleaning luxury vinyl flooring

One of the most significant benefits of luxury vinyl plank or tile is its low maintenance. But that isn't the same as "no maintenance."

To keep it looking its best, you'll have to put a little effort into cleaning it. Here are some tips.

Sweep regularly

Do it daily, if possible, to keep sand and dirt from scratching and embedding. When it embeds, it "pits"--and then it's tough to clean!

Be sure to get into corners and under cabinets. Sweep thoroughly before mopping your LVP or tiles.

Mop periodically

You may do it more or less depending on the size of your family. The general rule, however, is to mop the kitchen floor every other week; the bathroom floor once a week.

Using the right mop is essential, so you're not just pushing dirt around. Microfiber mops are very effective.

Be sure the mop is damp, not wet, and use a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Avoid wax shine-promoting substances—all forms of luxury vinyl, whether plank or luxury vinyl tile, has a top clear urethane finish.

That finish adds extra strength and shine. But, unfortunately, the wrong cleaner can damage it and dull the floor.

What happens if you have an “oops” moment?

Any room from the kitchen and family room to the bedroom can experience those moments. When ketchup drips, coffee cups overturn, or glasses of juice spill on your LVT or plank.

They often come out with a baking soda/water paste and a little rubbing alcohol. You should always check your warranty for suggestions. It's also a good idea to seek the advice of a flooring professional.

A pleasant, unforgettable flooring experience

That’s just what we want to give you at Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring! There’s so much you can do with luxury vinyl flooring; let our experienced staff get those creative juices flowing.

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