Carpet Flooring | Orange County, CA

You want style, Orange County? How about a carpet installation?

When it comes to fashion and home decor, no one can beat Orange County, which is exactly why we need to talk about carpet flooring. It's right in line with that fashion-sense.

Here’s what you may not know about this installation

If you’re remembering gold or off-white wall-to-wall, well, you’re memory is failing you. Modern technology has expanded the color palette. Even Shag rugs, so well-known for those iconic gold, green and brown hues, are now available in red, purple, black and more. Not so long ago, patterns were just designs on the tips of the fibers, but now digital printing has made intricate designs go all the way deep into the thread.

Carpet these days makes a huge design statement, Orange County. Don’t forget to layer the installation either. If you get bored with your neutral wall-to-wall, drop an area rug or two over the space to jazz it up.

A good installation is like the perfect dress or men’s suit

What? Well, think about this: You can buy the most expensive, high-end piece of clothing in some Orange County exclusive shop, but if it doesn't drape properly or button the way it should you won't feel very glamorous, right? It's like that for your home.

Just buy the most exclusive and expensive carpet doesn't guarantee the perfect installation. If it isn't done correctly, you'll see wrinkles, rolls, and bumps. Worse, the room might not be measured correctly, so the rug will either be too large and climb up the wall, or too small with a gap between the rug and the wall.

Here’s a big rookie mistake too: if you try to go it alone, you won’t understand some procedures, such as how to install around stair railings and treads.

Keeping it beautiful

Vacuum regularly to remove surface dirt. If dirt embeds, it can act like little razor blades to cut the fibers. That’s not enough, however, because the fibers will trap particles and they’ll remain there until they are scrubbed out. If they just stay there, the carpet will look dull and matted. Besides, many manufacturers won’t honor product warranties unless the rugs are professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Check your warranty and protect your installation.

For more information, come into the Bixby Plaza Carpets & Flooring showroom in Huntington Beach or Los Alamitos, CA.